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I love AUs. And this is fun (how great is it that when she says that thing about the bird, she means it) but I also really like the sad touches, from Dave-as-the-reason she apologizes, to the Ice Town shooting. I am so excited to see where this goes, and I am glad you are getting over your writer's block.


Um, this is kind of fantastic. You had me smiling at the West Wing references (although CJ/Danny is my OTP over there, not CJ/Simon). And the way you've worked in all the Parks bits is nothing short of a revelation, from the dialogue to the who-takes-on-which-roles to Ron never ever changing to her code name being Diaphena! And the inclusion of Dave is a really wonderful and unexpected touch.

Because I'm picky and actually do work in politics, FYI, Ron would probably be her campaign manager, or some kind of special advisor or consultant. Chiefs of staff tend to be for people who are actually IN office or something comparable. I've never worked on a presidential campaign, but I think you've got a lot of the other pieces pretty spot-on.

In any case, I can't wait for part two :)

Your awesomeness makes me smile. :)

I like the way you juxtaposed Leslie's sunny, bright world with the much starker reality of hate and its' capricious nature. This set-up brings those two themes together and when faced by it in Ben's experiences she chooses derision over fear. She chooses to fight it even in the smallest way. Obviously I'm reading too much into it, but I always like it when someone takes the opposite of something and puts it together. I think it makes for great fiction.

Favorite bits:
-West Wing reference even if it isn't in fic.
-The way you worked Dave in and rewrote their history. Leslie going through the notes was lovely.
-Diaphenia as a code name.
-The way you make Ben intimidating and in-charge without changing him too much. He's still Ben. I thought using the glasses/eyes was a great way to do that.

Ben in aviators! Ron's crush on Ben's gun! The campaign has feelings! Code name Diaphena! Ice Town shooting! This fic has reduced me to reviewing in exclamation points. I'm just loving every bit of it, though.

Btw, when you posted on tumblr, I was hoping Ben's eyes would be a big reveal moment, and this did not disappoint. That whole scene in the hotel room was divine.

MY HEART HAS EXPLODED. I always love how you incorporate details from the show into your AUs.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm practically singing with delight over this. It's such a great balance of humor with UST, and can I say that I'm kind of hoping this goes over three parts because you have such a talent for writing epics? But I'm happy with whatever you decide to give us, because every venture is so freaking delightful that I never want it to end. :)

I love everything this fic chooses to be. It's honestly brilliant the way you've pulled the AU aspects in around familiar Ben/Leslie moments, but made everything new again at the same time. Just...ugh...SO good.

Can't wait for more!

I was hoping someone would write this prompt and I'm so glad it was you! This is seriously fantastic.

Loved the eye-reveal - it felt very intimate, yet I loved the humor in that scene. X-men, indeed!

Can't wait to see where you go with this!


I loved the wip snippet you posted on tumblr, and I love this even more. Leslie as President is basically the best thing ever and all I really want out of life, and this AU, and the parallels to canon, are perfect. The scene where Leslie's sees Ben's eyes was so wonderfully intimate, and I love the detail of Ben's backstory and Leslie and Dave. Also, Cyclops! I can't wait to see more.

Ugh, this is just such an interesting dynamic and such a crazy situation to apply it to, and I loved that prompt when I read it and I love what you've created. I'm so excited for more :)

I love this idea so much! The back-stories and the way you tied them in with the show. So wonderful.

I lol'd at the camping line too.

Anything that reminds me of the West Wing is an instant favorite, but to have it be Ben and Leslie reminding me of the West Wing? Perfection. I loved the inclusion of Dave and the backstory that you applied to them. Even though the main focus is going to be Ben/Leslie, I love that you included that touching aspect of her relationship with Dave. Really beautiful.

I cannot wait to read more!!

The first thing I ever wanted when I started watching Parks and Rec, even before Ben was introduced, was a Whitehouse AU. AND YOU HAVE WRITTEN IT. AND IT IS GLORIOUS. ♥

Also, LOL, the baby bird line!

I am absolutely, totally excited for this! PRESIDENT KNOPE FTW!

Oh gosh, this is everything I never knew I wanted. Your AUs are my favorites and I can't get enough of them.

Also, I think I love you even more for making me think of The West Wing while reading Leslie/Ben fic. Two of the best things combined! :D

This is so awesome so far!! I love alt. universe stories and this one is perfect. Both of them are in such different places in their lives, but they are both still very in-character. I would love to see Ben in those glasses following Leslie around and just repeating "Yes, ma'am" to her! :)

I can't wait to see Ben take a bullet for the love of his life...opps I mean his professional charge. ;)

Um, hi. What. This is amazing. I love seeing these characters, who are still so very much themselves, in these entirely different situations. And goodness, this is even more complicated than what is already going on with Leslie/Ben in canon. Eee! You do such a masterful job of weaving canon into these AUs. It's like the best Word Where's Waldo.

Loving the sexual tension, Ben's professional resolve, Leslie's determination, and oh, this line had me melting: "His smile is brief and small, but it’s a beautiful thing all the same." Yes. This! Can't wait to see another chapter (or another chapter of "Patchwork" or "Hand Me Downs" [for which I still owe you feedback because it is awesome and should be acknowledged as such]). Really, anything is good. In fact, it's awesomesauce.

OMG. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FIC. Seriously, as soon as that graphic popped up on my dash, I started craving this fic. And this is exactly why I love fandom so much: lo and behold, you provide it!

This is completely fantastic. Your voices are just right (I especially love Ron's. OH RON!) and the way you've twisted canon just enough to make this fit is brilliant. It's easy to see Leslie as a presidential candidate, but Ron as her campaign manager who just wants to go home and go fishing? YES. ANd as soon as I figured out that April was one of the agents (it was the “I stole it” combined with the female pronoun), I FLIPPED OUT (please tell me Andy will show up at some point?).

All of that to say: this totally made my day. I will now go pimp it out to everyone I know.


(I see this going to a wonderful place.)

I immediately think "Bert Macklin, FBI" with this prompt too. ;D

Oh my god. I don't watch West Wing, but I love this. I think I love Agent Ludgate most of all. And the recontextualization of the bar scene is brilliant.

Ugh you are ridiculous.
This isn't the first time that I've seen a prompt that you've taken up and got disappointed, thinking it wouldn't be my cup of tea. But then I read them anyway, of course, because it's you, and you blow me away. You just do everything completely right and I sort of worship you a little. Why aren't you famous. Maybe you are famous. Are you secretly a famous writer. Are you Mike Schur. Jw.

This is everything I love. Mainly because I re-watched The Bodyguard last week, and whenever I'm feeling West Wing lonesome, I always have the intention to watch something great like Two Cathedrals, but I just end up watching the episodes with CJ and Mark Harmon and then CRY MY EYES OUT. Point being, I have a ~thing~ for the bodyguard trope. And this fills it so well.

I love how Ben isn't shy about his political opinions, although he never comes right out and says it. And all the little details that you've worked in--gah! Dave, Ice Town, April, Ron and his guns, Mark and Ann--I love how they all fit in this little West Wing world.


I immediately disliked this prompt, possibly because I have watched neither the bodyguard nor the west wing, but I decided to read anyway because hey, it's Friday and it's cypanache.

Aaaaand it's amazing!

I _literally_ (ahem) felt myself "warming up" to this fic. I had heard this phrase before, but this was the first time I physically felt its manifestation: a sensation of warmth starting in the "chestal region" gradually spreading to my extremities. Very weird and very nice feeling.

Is it bad that I'm hoping for another novella? :)

Ok, so I love this. My fave part/theme was the sunglasses vs eyes, and the way you wrote it made me all emotional. Looking forward to the next part.


Just...everything about this is perfect. Especially the part where Leslie says she has never been comfortable with the idea of hate. That reminded me really strongly of the first couple episodes of The West Wing when President Bartlet says he isn't comfortable with violence. BRILLIANT.

I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat for more! :D

“You know I’m not entirely convinced you have eyes.”
Good lord, this is perfect.

I'm not usually a fan of AUs, but this just made my day. And I echo the call for another novela. :)

I am so in love with this right now.


I love how seamlessly you incorporated plot points, themes, and dialogue from the actual show into this AU concept. Can't wait for more! <3

I'm SO happy to see another story from you, and course it's amazing! I'm in awe of how inventive you are - I love how you've woven in elements from canon, and the little moments of vulnerability from both Ben and Leslie. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Ditto to everything everyone said about how awesome you and this fic and your writing and the characters and all that are. I cannot even fathom how you managed to integrate canon and this AU so seamlessly, but it enhances an already great story by giving it an added layer (I don't really watch West Wing, but I can imagine that is likely yet another layer). As always, really enjoying your story and looking forward to more!

Everyone has already said all the good stuff....

First of all, this is amazing. I was like OH I DUNNO ABOUT THIS going into it but was quickly addicted and grateful that I kept reading and it is SO GOOD WHAT HOW DO YOU DO THIS. Ben's character is amazing and flawless. SO GOOD.

I really hope you continue this. I have such a huge weakness for body guard fic scenarios and I can't wait to see what happens next!

I love this. I melted at the bath scene, I laughed out loud at the bar scene, and I even pouted at the Dave scene. You made a beautiful alternate universe. I love how you wove everything together and made it all connect, yet make sense. Wonderful

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